Smooth streaming of 4K rips from NAS to projector via Infuse on ATV4K?

I’ve got the following setup:

  • QNAP TS-421 NAS holding media content (including 4K rips)
  • Apple TV 4K running Infuse and connected to Optoma UHD50
  • Both are connected to my home router (supplied by the ISP)
When I try to stream the 4K content from the NAS and watch it on the projector there are frequent pauses for buffering. I want to make the streaming smooth and am trying to work out which parts are going to solve it. My plan is to attack the cheapest part first: I'm adding a gigabit switch to connect the NAS and Apple TV so their communication can take place away from the router.

Does someone have a similar setup working already and can give me tips? I’m probably upgrading my NAS but don’t plan to buy one that connects to the projector through HDMI.

  1. Connect everything with gigabit Ethernet
  2. If using SMB set SMB in Infuse to legacy from auto.
  3. Optionally switch everything over to NFS or Plex.

If you use SMB leave it set to AUTO, don’t change it to Legacy unless you encounter buffering during playback. And before you set it to “Legacy” try setting it to SMB2 first to see if that works.

Have the same setup except that my files reside on a Mac mini which are shared via smb. All via gigabit and no dramas whatsoever.
ISP routers at least in Aus are pretty ordinary. They can be problematic but troubleshooting this would be later in the process. Also another thing to double check that the disk speed isn’t a bottle neck ie. that it isn’t performing other tasks when you experience buffering