I have been using INFUSE 5 on my ATV4 via my Seagate Central hard drive. I have the option of DLNA or SMB to stream my files. When I use DLNA I don’t get the library view and the Filenames are showing incorrectly (Running Scared (2006).mkv is showing as Running Scared.mkv). This causes INFUSE to label the movie as the 1986 version. For some reason this doesn’t happen when using SMB. I guess I don’t understand the difference between DLNA and SMB and which one is preferable. Does SMB update automatically or do I have to SCAN FOR CHANGES on my own when I add files. I have seen DLNA update automatically. Also, if anyone can tell me why the correct file name isn’t being read, that would be great. It’s isn’t the Title. I opened all the files in Adobe Bridge and cleared all of that stuff out. There’s a handful of movies on the drive that are giving me this problem. Driving me insane. Thanks for the help.

UPnP and DLNA servers will index (and often times rename) files, so what Infuse sees won’t always match what you have on your NAS.

When using SMB, Infuse is able to see the actual files with their original names, so it’s a much more reliable option if your device supports it.