SMB to Synology NAS dropping due to hostname renaming


I have a Synology DiskStation, running on Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro, and ultimately streaming over AppleTV. Ever since I’ve updated to version 7 of my apps, the hostname in the Infuse SMB settings for my NAS keep changing. For example:

I open Infuse on any of my devices, click play, it doesn’t. So I check the SMB settings and there is a new SMB share available on my network ‘nas-2.local’). The current saved SMB share is just ‘nas.local’.

So I delete the saved one and add nas-2.local, then it pulls down all the metadata and works just fine. Then the next day, nothing works, and the SMB that’s available is nas-3.local. This can happen multiple times in a day.

I can’t find anything about static hostnames. I’ve got static IP setup for the NAS, and that works well. But the hostnames keep changing…but ONLY inside the Infuse app. The actual hostname of the NAS is always just nas.local (I’ve checked this with nmap, in the Ubiquiti interface and on the NAS itself).

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I just set up a static IP address for my NAS on the router and use that IP address in the share settings in Infuse.

When Infuse doesn’t play, what error do you get?

The list of devices shown in Infuse come from the actual devices on the network Infuse is able to detect using Bonjour and other tools.

Usually when you see a -2 type of name it means the original device disconnected and then when it tried to connect the hostname was already taken, hence the -2.

If you have a static IP set for the NAS you can simply use this in Infuse (select the Other option on the Shares screen, and enter your login details).

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Thank you! Static IP is much more reliable than hostname. All fixed!


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