SMB "There are no items to playback" (Fritz!box 7390, Mountain Lion 10.8.3)

I have hit a wall.

For the last two years my aTV2 (Black) has worked flawlessly with an external HDD attached to my Fritz!box 7390 and shared as a SMB.

I liked the HDD being attached directly to the Fritz!box 7390 as it meant our computers could be switched off and we could still enjoy watching movies from the SMB.

A couple of days ago for some reason my SMB returned the error “There are no items to playback” despite the HDD being full with content.

I removed the share (thinking that was the problem) and added it again: same thing - the connection to the SMB “passed” yet the message of no content is always returned.

Interestingly I have updated to Mountain Lion (10.8.3) and also the latest firmware on the Fritz!box ( 84.05.51) however, those updates were weeks ago and I was running without a hitch until a couple of days ago.

It may sound like I have done something to change the settings in the meantime, but aside from a factory reset to the Fritz!box (and then setting it up exactly as I had previously) everything is the same.

The annoying thing is I can see the SMB and connect to it, just no content is found! arghhhh!!!

The HDD is FAT32 formatted (for the Fritz!box to work with it).

When trying to connect to the SMB at smb:// within Finder on the Mac, I cannot even connect to it as a guest or with my login details.

What’s going on here? Anyone have any ideas?

Found the solution: the Fritz!box firmware was the issue.

I rolled back to 84.05.21 and it works flawlessley as before again.