SMB stopped to work 24 hours after installing ATV flash (black)

Hello, as topic says, i got tired of the buffering issues in xbmc so i decided to try out firecore media player, i was happily surprised when i saw that it had none of the problems i experienced with xbmc.

But just a day after i started to get problems with FMP, at first it was just strange errors like: playback error after playing watching for 15 sec, but now all the sudden i cant even find my smb shares in fmp or xbmc, why?! Anyone familiar with this problem and have a soulution?

Hey Fructis, I am experiencing the same problem. I have just updated to the latest version and now I can’t access my SMB share. I just get “An error occurred. Could not open… Reason: No such file or directory” but the share definitely does exist.

Yeah, its really odd, it worked splendid the first 24 hours but after that it started to behave like this.

sometimes its just error with playback(letting me play the first 15 sec after long buffer), other times its connection to smb error. 

Ill use it as a coffepad soon…