SMB sharing with Macs not working

No matter what I try, I can’t get access to either my iMac nor my MacBook Pro with Infuse (both Macs on 10.11.4). I use the right name and password, but Infuse always says wrong username or password. I got that issue on the Apple TV and two iPhones. I thought, I got something wrong with sharing preferences on my Macs, but it works from every device with any application, except Infuse 4 (latest version). :confused:

Any ideas here?

Did you try turning on Windows File Sharing under options of File Sharing?

That is actually activated, but should’t matter anyway, because Infuse is using SMB not AFP (=windows file sharing). The point is: Infuse finds my Macs, but if I want to log in with my username and password it always says one of them was incorrect, which is definitely not the case.

Suddenly it works! I didn’t change anything, it just starts working. :slight_smile:

Are you using an iCloud ID (email) for your Mac’s login by chance?

If so, you’ll need to create a ‘Sharing Only’ user as iCloud logins cannot be used for logging in via SMB.

Basically, you just want to ensure at least one user is selected in the ‘Windows File Sharing’ list and use that user’s details to log in from Infuse. A bit more info can be found here.

Weird, but great! :slight_smile: