SMB Share via Time Capsule / AirPort Extreme

I’m facing issues connecting to an SMB Share running on my Time Capsule (or alternatively another AirPort Extreme).
On first attempt Infuse fails to acces the share / play the movie. After force quitting Infuse 6 and retrying to access the movie it works.
Quire annoying as a workaround. Messing around with the advanced setting in the SMB Share Settings I switched to legacy mode.
This seems to do the trick and the movies are now loading more reliable.

Is there further information about the SMB mode settings? Didn’t find detailed info.

There’s a section on this near the bottom of Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore that talks a little about the different SMB settings.

Just as a personal observation, the Legacy settings seems to help a lot with older routers and devices.

Thanks for the fast response. I spotted this info already but it was not detailed enough for me. What is the recommendation for the last releases of Apple’s AirPort & Time Capsule (sure, they are old but I guess still in use in many households…).

  • SMB2
  • Legacy?

I guess the aforementioned issue arises from Auto switching into SMB3 making the issue occur.

What is strange is that I spotted the issue only since a couple of weeks. Before that everything went smooth.
Has SMB3 support only been added recently to Infuse 6?

Like I said above, I personally have found that Legacy seems to play better with the older products like Airport and Time capsule and the Auto setting seems to work better with newer devices.

The option to switch was added in 5.6.10 which was released March of 2018

You can try setting it to 2 but if legacy is working for you then I’d say stick with that.

FWIW, Apple’s Time Capsule and Airport Extreme only support SMB1. The SMB version selection in Infuse will set the highest level of SMB to use, and Infuse will automatically fall back to the latest supported version.

For this reason, Auto, SMB3, SMB2, and SMB1 will all be the same. The Legacy option would be different, and can work better in some cases.