SMB share not working on Infuse 5

I have issues connecting my NAS using SMB on Infuse 5.
While on my Infuse 4 the same share works.

Im experiencing the same problem, i already opened a ticket with support. Just to make sure we are having the same problem, when you open the share to add a folder you’re getting Empty folder screen right ?

No to me simply does not connect to the SMB server with Infuse 5.
While with Infuse 4 the shared server connects

If I use Upnp I connect but library is not populate with movies

Is there any news on this matter, 3-4 updates have been released and yet this problem still exist. Im really bummed why and how this problem still persist, firecore support is not really helping either 4 and half months since i opened the ticket im still not being able to use the product I paid for.

If you haven’t already, please submit diagnostics from your Apple TV and open a support ticket so we can look into what’s going on. Details on doing this can be found here. Troubleshooting and Getting Support – Firecore

If you have both Infuse 4 and Infuse 5 installed, you may try removing v4 to see if that helps at all.

Hi James,

I opened the ticket before my first post in here, submitted diagnostics twice so far but still no luck. About removing infuse 4, i thought of it but i feel ill loose access to the capsule if i remove the app in order to check if infuse 5 will work.

Support was correct I removed the old infuse and the share worked like a charme.
Sorry I forgot to post it here that the solution did work

Well this is just great, so i removed infuse 4 to try if this simple yet never suggested solution will work, IT DIDNT. So now i ended up with no working infuse at all. I cant download infuse 4 and now im stuck with nothing. Any other help will be greatly appreciated, cuz im losing it for real.

Did you ever purchase either version or were you just using the free or trial versions? I have had no problems in going back and re-downloading version 4 at all since I deleted it after purchasing 5. I just verified again just before I posted this that I can go to the “not on this Apple tv” tab of the app store app and I can still download 4 again since I purchased both.

If you’re trying the trial version your trial may be over or some other issue for 5.

I still think your problems are in the setup with time capsule.

Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble. It’s not the norm for sure.

Yeah i purchased both version ( i purchased 4 when it came out, and subscribed for 5), i dont get the part with the time capsule. I have this time capsule for more than 4 years and havent made any changes on the set up at all, for that time period, and i had ATV 2 with ATVFlash and then Infuse 4 and never had a problem until infuse 5. If i take your word that the problem is in the time capsule setup what could it be, it is not like air port utility have a lot of settings one can get lost?

edit: I found not on this apple tv and infuse 4 was there.

I have a similar issue. The App on my iPhone works perfectly but not the AppleTV app. Looking at the login logs for my NAS server my iPhone connects using the login credentials and therefore can watch the shows. Unfortunately it seems the AppleTV app does not connect at all. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling but also does not want to work and have also sent in my Diagnostic details to Firecore.

Is there anything else I can try?

I have a suspicion that the IOS software of the AppleTV is not allowing outward connections.

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Unless you are running Infuse version 4 and 5 with similar results you may want to start a new thread since this one is a few years old. That way you get more views and feedback. :wink: