SMB share lost

Currently I am using infuse 6 pro (6.2.4 (2875) with my ATV4K (tvOS 13.3 (17K449)). Since a while, when I wake my ATV and go to infuse and try to play something i got an error. Nothing specific. I use SMB connection to my Seagate Personal Cloud (

I check the connection and try to go in the mapped folder, however I got error too. Like the share is not available. The only thing that fixes it if I go to settings and check available shares. I wait a little bit then all shares start to list including the SMB. The i go back and able to access the mapped folders and play my shows. However if i try to use tv shows menu or the ”watching” and start a show there still error. I have to go to the mapped folder, drill down a start the show from there. After a while using it, it seems everything working. End of day ATV goes to sleep and next day same problem.

I was thinking maybe my NAS is sleeping and searching for shares wakes it. But it is the same when the NAS is active, Downloading or i am browsing from my mac.

Any idea what can cause and how to fix it?

I’m having the same issue all of a sudden, maybe a regression on the last update? Maybe Apple breaking something?

I typically use an NFS share from my Synology NAS, connected through an Apple TV 4K. I just updated TvOS, rebooted, etc. Can’t connect to existing (for two years) NFS share. It times out and just says there was an error.

Enabled SMB on the Synology. It shows up under “Available Shares” with Infuse, but it refuses to connect when I add a username/password. I’ve verified that various usernames/passwords work from other devices/laptops/etc.

Hard to tell if this is Apple or Infuse as the Synology shows no attempt to connect in the logs and neither ATV4 or Infuse show any logs.

I have synology NAS and am not experiencing the same issue as you however I have disabled all sleep and drive spin down functionality. Do you have any of these features enabled on yours? The other thing to check is if you have everything running into a separate network switch and energy efficient Ethernet is enabled try disabling that.


Yeah, I have no spin down or power savings going on with the Synology. It’s been working fine with this setup for a couple years and suddenly can’t connect today. No hardware or settings changed in at least 2-3 months. Connections (with SMB and NFS) working fine from laptop. Hmmmmm.

Okay, so. After checking every nook and cranny of my network I found that my router updated itself and turned on a bunch of stuff that was previously turned off, notably (I think) some sort of link aggregation that doesn’t make sense. Also VPN was enabled an a few other inconsequential things.

If you happen to have a TP-Link AX6000 I’d look into the last firmware upgrade and see if anything looks wonky.

One other thing to check is to see if your ATV snagged a different address when it updated the tvOS. Make sure it didn’t get senile and switch to a different name on the share info.