SMB share library scan

On Apple TV, latest version of InFuse does not scan shared folder including 2000 movies. Another shared folder with 20 movies is well scanned. (Both folders are set as favorites in the same Share.)
Before this version the big folder used to be well scanned…
Speed test is well about 120mbps.
I tried removing share and re-adding it… Uninstalling InFuse and re-installing it. Nothing is working.
If I go to the folder share and browse its content, it downloads its metadata one by one… but the library scan doesn’t do it.

First thing to check is to make sure the folder with the 2000 movies is showing in the share setting and that it is checked like the two favorites shown here.

It is set as favorite and checked in the library, just like the other one.

Can you provide a screen cap of what you see when you go to Settings > Library where it shows Movies, TV Episodes, and others on the left and shares on the right?