SMB share issue. No response from firecore. Community help?

Hi, I’m trying to get help from the firecore customer support for more than two weeks now. But it’s not possible- no response at all.

Are employees around here in the forum? (So please take a look at my support requests with log file information)

But maybe you as the community can help.
For 99% of the time im watching .mkv shows and movies from my SMB share on a raspberry Pi on my AppleTV with Infuse. Three weeks ago out of the blue I’m facing the following issue:
After watching 1-2 episodes I get a “undefined error” and can not access my episode overview/folders anymore. I have to close and restart Infuse to watch another 1-2 episodes. Than the same issue again.

Any ideas?

Big thanks in advance!

We’ve been working to track down a few SMB related issues like these, and have a handful of improvements in place which will be included in the upcoming 5.5.3 update. 5.5.3 will also include some improved logging for certain cases which should allow us to more effectively track down and resolve any remaining issues.

We’re currently planning to release 5.5.3 next week alongside iOS 11.

James, thank you very much for your quick response. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the next update. Please see also my logs in the support tickets. Maybe you can find something helpful in it.

We’ll take a look to see if they have any helpful info.

Also, apologies for any delay you may have had getting a response to to your support ticket. I will make sure you get a response there today.