SMB Share is getting slower and slower

Hi there,

upgraded to infuse 5, but the problem got worse on infuse 4 more and more.

I use SMB-Sharing with my iMac (OS X Sierra, connecting to my main user). All is connected via LAN.

Initial connection is getting slower and slower with the updates (“beach ball”). Also streaming speed is not satisfying. Mac is not asleep, the size of my media folder has not increased.

Thanks for some suggestions, I already tried this:

Regards, Michael

Are you using a wired or wireless connection? In most cases, Wi-Fi on the Apple TV will be much faster that Ethernet.

Tried both, have been on Wifi for the longest time until it became noticeable slow, then tried LAN without benefit.

I have the same problem. It takes a long time to open a folder. And I think that this reason is also why the folders first work and after a while it says they are empty.

I’m streaming from a hard drive connected to an AirPort Extreme by wifi.

Wifi is faster than wired? Really?

Maybe in a perfect world. Like if your wifi router is in the same room as the ATV.

Real world with floors, walls, and ceilings between the router and ATV I’d still bet on hardwired.