SMB Share from Windows is Slow

Hi, I have recently had to change my setup and am experiencing terrible speeds (4K files are unusable now) of less than 5mbs. Apple TV is connected over Ethernet.

Old setup: an ethernet connected RPi4 with an external 5Tb WD Elements HDD connected through USB 3. Samba share created to access from windows and infuse. Started having issues with downloading into HDD (constant unmounting) and abandoned the setup. Infuse worked without skipping a beat, downloading into HDD through RPi was suddenly the issue (previously setup was fine for a year prior).

New setup: same HDD connected to USB3 on an Ethernet connected laptop. Created a windows SMB share through the infuse guides. Downloading into this HDD now never skips a beat, but infuse will now only reach play speeds of 5mbs and 4K files are now impossible. The speed tests will show a half second burst of 100-500mbs and then drop to between 0-5mbs at best for the rest of the test.

I have tried the different SMB share and cache settings on infuse and am not having a win here. If I download into the HDD from my laptop and then plug it into my RPi to watch, this works flawlessly, but I do not want to have to keep swapping the HDD locations each time I watch content.

If you’re using antivirus or security software on the laptop try removing it. Additionally turn off/disable any firewalls and VPNs. Also make sure wifi is disabled.

You can also try adjusting the SMB version in Infuse. This can be found under the share’s settings > Advanced tab.

By default, Infuse will select the highest version of SMB supported by your server. This is usually fine, however if your server has full packet encryption enabled then this can cause big slowdowns when using SMB3. Full packet encryption doesn’t provide much of a benefit for local video streaming, and switching to SMB2 will allow you to avoid issues with this.

@JarvisMeier the only antivirus I would be using would be Windows Defender and no other security software. I do not have a VPN installed anymore and I can take a look at firewall settings but not sure I want to turn it off. I am not using the wifi but can definitely disable that to rule it out.

@james I have already tried all the SMB options as per the guides on this site and as per many other peoples issues submitted here. I see improvement on some settings, I believe SMB2 is the best result, the initial burst in the speed test goes up to 500mbs, but then drops off to an average of 0-5mbs for the rest of the test.

What else can I do to windows to improve the SMB read speed? I do not believe it is infuse is the issue as when I connect the same SMB share from my RPi, it has no speed issues at all.

It could be a USB driver/firmware issue. Check to see if there are any driver updates and also check for chipset and bios firmware updates.

Do you have a USB thumb drive you can try out with a single movie to see if you have similar issues?

Another thing you can do is re-enable SMB1 on windows. I think there was a windows update put out that turned it off. You might be able to get more speed with the older protocol. Failing that you could also install Unix subsystem for windows and try doing and SMB or NFS share through the Linux subsystem. I’ve seen weird things where Linux on windows has outperformed it’s windows host.

This is some good advice thanks @JarvisMeier! I will try the USB driver/firmware checks after work today and also give infuse a go on a USB thumb drive for a speed test.

I had already re-enabled SMB1 on windows for good measure. I think if I’m going down the route of creating a subsystem in windows then maybe it is time I finally bite the bullet and buy a NAS and let that host the share; which I had been putting off until I fill this HDD.