SMB Share Disconnection Issus

Hello all. Having an issue with the SMB options I hope one of you can help me with.

I’m getting the issue where setting SMB Version to anything other than “Legacy” results in the share disconnecting. If I select either Auto, SMB2, or SMB3, I can build my library and everything… but then it just randomly disconnects and I can no longer access the share at all. It will come back eventually, but it goes through the entire process of fetching metadata and artwork again. Using “Legacy” doesn’t exhibit this behavior.

Looking at the logs on my Synology NAS, when using the Legacy setting, the username sent to my NAS for authentication is exactly what I entered in Infuse. When set to Auto, SMB2, or SMB3, the username being sent is different.

TVOS ver. is 12.3. Shares are on a Synology NAS with the latest DSM version.

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Make sure you have smb3 enabled in DSM. Try connecting via IP instead of hostname.

Wasn’t able to test with using the IP instead of the hostname, but SMB3 is definitely enabled on the NAS.

I’ll give the IP address route a try this evening and let you know if it works. Thanks!