SMB problem with last releases


I’ve got SMB connection problems since Infuse use a new SM library…
Problems is happening in both TVOS and ios (I’m using the last publc beta of 11.3 on tvos).
I’m using a Buffalo NAS.

Every time my Apple TV or iPad is going to sleep or is powered off, the next time I’m using infuse He can’t access to my SMB folders.
A reset of the device is needed…

Any ideas ?

best, Denis

Have you used the new feature in the very latest release 5.6.10 which allows you to select different versions of SMB, including using the old ‘legacy’ version?

I suggest that you go to settings and try changing the version of SMB to use on you SMB connection(s) and see if it makes a difference.

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Thanks for your answer !

It working now with the legacy option (no other option worked)…


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