SMB over VPN

Hi Guys,

I would like to receive some support for the below:

I have a Synology DS126j configured with VPN Server to access my files away from home.
In local network, Infuse Pro is working like a charm on my Apple TV, iPad and iPhone.

But when I connect the VPN, I am not able to use Infuse, I got error message during the loading of the videos saying “An error occurred”.
Do you have any idea how to fix that issue?

Thank you!

I do not have a synology, but I do have a VPN server configured on my media server (unRAID) and using that I can quite happily connect in remotely over a VPN and play items via SMB over the VPN.

This suggests that either you do not have the upload bandwidth for the media you are trying to play or (more likely) it is an issue with the configuring of the VPN link between your iOS device and the synology. Do you have any way of validating the VPN link to the synology is working as expected? Do you have other apps that can access the synology over the VPN? Do you have your router configure with port forwarding to allow the VPN link to reach the synology?