SMB/NFS speed issue

I’ve done some speed tests with the latest infuse 6.5 and tvOS 14.
SMB: 100Mbps
NFS: 100Mbps
SFTP: 100Mbps
FTP: 300Mbps
Plex: 400Mbps

The file was shared from my MacBook Pro 16 via wifi (802.11ac 5G), Apple TV is connected via 1G ethernet

I’ve also done a simple smb file copy test, from the same wifi connected MacBook to another ethernet connected MacBook, and get a speed about 500Mbps.

So why Infuse has low speed via SMB and NFS?

Infuse tries to model speeds when streaming a video as that isn’t a pure file transfer. There is a lot of overhead with nfs and smb whereas ftp and plex are more optimized for that. There are things like being able to scrub ahead to a later section that isn’t available with pure file transfer.

But there is something I really don’t understand:

If I do a Speedtest with FTP
=> I get incredible 650 Mbit

With NFS
=> I get 250 Mbit

BUT with FTP the Video-Start and Scrubbing is incredible slow!!!

But with NFS the Start and Scrubbing has much more Performance!!!

How this could be??? :joy:

Exactly, smb and nfs should be faster than FTP in this case.
Seems something wrong with SMB and NFS implementation in Infuse, looks like issues with TCP, because I get 100Mbps via WiFi and 250Mbps via Cable, so speed depends on physical link speed, but 4-6x slower than physical speed for SMB and NFS. For FTP and WebDav speed is very close to the physical link speed.

SMB speeds are heavily dependent on the client device, so it’s somewhat expected to see different speeds on an iOS/tvOS devices compared to a Mac.

Adding Wi-Fi into the mix will always add another variable into the mix as well.

We’ve had people report SMB speeds from virtually zero all the way up to 900+ Mbps. There are just so many variables (source hardware, router, switch, cabling, Wi-Fi, server implementations, etc…) and each can have a substantial impact on speeds.

You may try playing with the SMB version setting in Infuse to see if this impacts speeds at all.

Tried different protocol versions (smb1/2/3) and different SMB servers (MacOs/Linux/Windows). Same speed.
So what is the preferred connection method? WebDav?
With SMB/NFS I have freezes every 5-10mins with 4k BD Remuxes. With FTP no freezes, but very slow start and scrubbing…

Did you try the “Legacy” setting?

Now I do some tests via 1G cable connection, without WiFI.
SMB: 240 Mbps (all versions, including Legacy)
WebDAV: 900 Mbps