SMB media connectivity issues?

Hi, would anyone be aware of a solution to the following?  


I have Apple TV2 and connect wirelessly under my media to my Windows Home Server.  I stream movies directly from the server and apple TV is setup with its own profile on the server.  All movies show properly and rarely does the metadata show incorrectly though it is slow loading sometimes.  However, with the recent updates, apple tv will play only about half a movie before buffering constantly and then erring out altogether.  Prior to the updates, I had no issues playing these files.   

Most of the files are M4V format and play fine on my iMac and windows computers attached to the server.  No dropout or buffering issues.  The average movie file is between 1.5 and 3 GB so I get that they are large files but they used to play just fine and now I find myself looking into the possibility of a media center home build to provide what I used to have wirelessly…thoughts?  

Any help is sincerely appreciated. 

Hmm, could you send in a bug report?

Hi James, I will indeed.  Thanks.  

ticket opened.  #34554 “Playback error over network”

Thanks. We’ll try and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Glad to see a bug report opened with this.  I’m having the exact same issue.


Sopipari, please feel free to open a ticket and link your diagnostic report…maybe with 2, the chances for a resolution are twice as good?  

Put in a Bug Report #34622 


Hi sopipari, any traction on your ticket?   It was suggested that I connect via network cable which I did.  It resolved the slow metadata loading but I’m still having the exact same playback issues.    Buffering after about an hour of watching.   that will happen a couple times, then a Playback error…