SMB issues

As the title says, I’m having issues with my SMB share. I’ve been using the same share with Infuse for over a year now, with no issues, but the last couple of days things have changed. Now, I keep getting an “Indexing failed for SERVER_NAME” error.

I’ve cleared metadata, removed and re-added the share, changed the SMB version in Infuse, and restarted the server. I am getting the same error on both my Apple TV, and my iPhone, but I’m able to access the share through the files app on my iPhone.

Any one else having similar issues? Or know of a fix?

Welcome to the forum!

Have you set the MAC address in the advanced share options?

I hadn’t previously, but I just did and no change. I can get it to work for a short time, but eventually it just gives me that error.

What are you serving the files from? NAS, Computer, etc?

I’m using an old pc.

It’s running Fedora 30, kernel version 5.6.13, smbd version 4.10.15. Probably too much info, but better that than not enough lol

Much easier to troubleshoot with too much info than too little. Is the PC connected via Ethernet or Wifi? If Ethernet you may want to just do a quick test and replace the cable. We’ve seen a few problems recently of weak Ethernet cables causing connect issues but not completely failing. You also said you changed SMB versions, did you try the “Legacy” settings?

If you get the Index Failed notice, have you tried going right back to Settings > Library and clicking on “Scan for Changes”? You can watch the progress of what’s going on there on the Library settings page. It may give you a clue if it fails again, just note the message just before the failed message.

Sorry for the long delay, work has been crazy. I changed out the ethernet cable to the server, but am sill having the same issue. When I hit “Scan for Changes” it briefly flashes “Fetching content for Links” before showing “Indexing failed for SERVER_NAME”