SMB Issue from Windows 7 PC

Hey guys, have had many trouble free years of use but yesterday noticed I am unable to connect to my Windows 7 machine via SMB. Latest security patches on the PC, latest iOS on the Apple TV 4K and IPhone XS, and latest firecore software.

Tried changing SMB to SMB 1, etc from auto and nothing changes. Legacy says either username or password is incorrect. Can connect to my Plex server fine on both apple devices through the infuse app, just no SMB.

Any advice? Remove/reinstall apps on iOS devices? Remove sharing and add it back on windows machines? Start removing updates from windows 7 machine?

First, I’m not a windows user in any shape or form any more but there is another thread with windows 7 issues and a link to a check list that may help narrow down what’s going on, Help Please - Iphone set up

It does sound like something in permissions is amiss but is purely a SWAG.

Thanks Bullseye, I thought I had everything setup correct but the links you provided were good at checking SMB settings at least. I found the issue and it seems to lie in several recent security updates for Windows 7. It looks like patches KB4480970 and KB4480960 play hell with SMB and installing KB4487345 seemed to fix the issue. A simple google search brought up the issue sorry, thought it was something in infuse.

Here is a blog that I referred to get the fix.

Good to go, back up and running!

Wonderful! Winning even a small battle with Windows feels like winning the war. :wink:

Can this somehow relate to my problem that I cannot even find my Windows 10 PC library. Cannot connect with SMB at all.
Maybe Windows 10 also came with some stupid patch? I have just got myself into infuse so really dont know if it would have used before the patch either.

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