I have read thru about 30 posts as the instructions for how to access an SMB share but I am stumped. When I used to run Boxie on my ATV it was able to mount a share in 20 seconds and connect back to that share every time I accessed or launched it. However after 4 hours of farting around with aTV Flash I cannot get nitoTV to connect to any SMB share either on our Leopard Server or other Mac on or off the network. Either get “error -1069” or a giant window of black text telling me every which way it has failed. I am trying mostly to connect to a single set of mini’s and mount the “Macintosh” volume either with or without credentials using only SMB even though my system has added the support for AFP since I have an original V1 ATV. I am stumped and would like some help if any to be had as I thought this would the end all of solutions to access my shared media across the network.