SMB Hangs when connecting

If I’ve been using DLNA or another server connection, then I connect to a NAS via SMB from the app, and many times it’ll just sit there “spinning” the little circle indefinitely. I’ve waited minutes with no results.

I have to Force-Close the app, restart it, and then the connection will work.

The NASes I’m using are quite reliable – no other connectivity issues with any other apps, so I’m fairly confident the issues are not my network / NASes / configurations.


We’re looking into a similar issue, and if you have a sec to send in some information from Infuse it would be very helpful.

A bit more info on doing this can be found here.

This happened to me once (and I’ve noticed Infuse is rather slow to get directory listings in general), although my wifi has been slow for some time now, so I’m not certain that I can actually blame this on Infuse.

Sometimes I think just posting a problem report in a forum is key to fixing it… :). The issue has not reocurred since posting this… :slight_smile: