SMB File Share Sonoma

I’ve followed the instructions on the Infuse Website on how to setup an SMB Share on Mac OS Sonoma but for the life of me I can’t get it to work. Main reason is that when I copy the SMB Share name and paste it into the Local Host Name I get an error saying that “The Local Bonjour Name is invalid”. How can I possible change the SMB Share name and even change it to an IP Address so I can share video files across devices?


Where you see the “Available shares” you can click on “other” to create a custom share.

The smb share name is smb:// and I can’t paste it into the Local Host Name or even change it. At this point I am unable to see the shares I create in Infuse on my iPhone. I’m definitely doing something wrong but this has all changed so much from previous versions of MacOS that I’m confused.

No I don’t see that anywhere.

That is in Infuse, not Sonoma.

Thank you, now I’m starting to get somewhere. Networking is something that always confuses me.

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