Smb Error

Hi all, I’ve been using the Apple Tv for a couple of weeks, bought it, did the jailbreak and installed aTV Flash black, 10 minutes all done and works great.

The only small niggle is when I access a smb share on a freenas box I get a Could not open dir. Reason: No message available on STREAM (96) error.

The if I go back and reselect the same share it works fine, its no big deal was just wondering if anybody else had the same problem and had found a fix.




I have see this as well.

I have tended to ignore it as trying again works OK. I guess I (and you a well as ou are affected) should submit a diagnostic report to help FireCore identify what causes it.

I actually get this message daily. I too have ignored it because accessing the particular shared directory again gives me access, but it would be nice to figure out why this was happening and fix it though…

+1. Have always had this, just something I live with. Come out of the error message and go straight back in again and it works fine.

+1 Always on the second try for me as well.   :[  It never bothered me enough to submit a bug report.  Been lazy recently… :wink:

What’s the best method to submit a bug report?

James, do you have any information/insight on this error? It doesn’t seem to be related to one individual…

I have exactly the same problem with the seagate nas 110! in the begining i believed that it was a problem from NAS but when i tried via xbmc I didn;t get any error! Please look at it…

same problem with a readynas duo

My original NAS was the 1tb LG model. Soon realised that 1TB wasnt enough storage so bought the Netgear Stora and currently have a 2TB in drive 1, nothing in drive 2 yet.

On both these NAS’s ive had the problem but like I said its more a niggle that a pain, that said, it shouldnt do it.

+1 but I get error code 60.

+1 same problem with D-Link DNS-320 all year. Just learned to live with it. No solutions yet, though, huh?

Just switch from Apple Router to TP-LINK Archer C7 and I’m getting this error. How do people live like this? It’s so frustrating. My Mac connects to this drive no problem. Speedy as the AFP connections were. Why is this a problem on aTV Black?

Just wondering if this discussion is dead because no fix will come or if people have found a solution. Finding it very annoying to use my aTV right now.