SMB doesn't work with public/private DNS

Hey everyone,

I realized (and tested it on my iPad) that whenever I use any DNS (adguard, quad9, or nextdns) it stops working with SMB connection (NAS). It started to work again after I disabled the DNS. I tried to check the error logs or details, but it doesn’t work at all when trying to start any video. I also tested on MacOS but it works properly. I tested with different videos. I’m a pro user. I also tested DAW and UPnP connections and they are working as well. Somehow SMB doesn’t work on ipad with public/private DNS.

Bug Scenario;
→ DNS enabled (you can use adguard, quad9, or nextdns - they are free public DNS)
→ Open Infuse
→ Open any video from your NAS
→ after waiting a couple of seconds, it says “An error occurred loading this content”

(It doesn’t work on my ipad)
Infuse version; 7.4.4 (4228)
iPad version; 15.6.1

(It works on mac)
Infuse version mac: 7.4.4 (7.4.4228)
macOS version: 12.5.1

That’s expected as it’s going to look there for resolvable DNS names and fail. If you want to use adguard public dns it should be setup on your router and not your individual devices. If you don’t want to go this route then the only way SMB will work is if you connect via IP address of your NAS or computer. This will require static IPS setup for those devices.

I use NextDNS on my device, but I set it to disable itself when I’m on my Home WiFi, where the local DNS server is trusted.