SMB DFS root seems to be not supported

Hi all,

I just tried something maybe rather unusual but wanted to share my experiances.
I have configured my NAS system as a Microsoft Distributed File System (DFS) via Samba (TrueNAS). This will allow me to shift my data to any location but would keep the UNC path in all my applications. So I thought it would be just perfect to use the same for Infuse.
But appearently DFS shares are not supported by Infuse (Tested on recent MacOS and iOS). Well to be more precise I do see the DFS root share but once I browse down to my video files an error appears: “File/Folder not found”. In my MacOS finder I’m able to browse to my video content on that DFS root

Is it something worth to have a look?
I’m very happy to support if someone would like to test further.