SMB Connection to


I am having some odd issues with my two 2nd gen AppleTVs and the media player app.  I am using them with a DNS-323 NAS.

On my first ATV, I have no issues connecting to an SMB share on the NAS and playing any type of media (HD video, etc…).  This ATV is running 4.2.x (have to go check for the exact version) and the latest version of media player.

On the second ATV, it is running 4.3 and the latest aTV flash/media player (downloaded today).  However, for some reason, it will not connect to the NAS.  Doesn’t matter if it is connected over wired or wireless, the SMB share just does not show up under media player.  If I take the first ATV and plug it in to the exact same cables, it sees the SMB share just fine.

Any suggestions on what to try next?  Do I need to update my ATV to 4.4? (though I don’t like the idea of an untethered jailbreak)