SMB connection super slow

On my Apple TV I have connected Infuse 4 to my SMB nas and the first connection is super slow. The other software connects nearly instantly.

Is there a way to speed it up? It takes nearly 40 seconds to show the directory list.


How many items do you have inside the folders you are loading?

Infuse 5 has a number of general speed improvements, which may speed things up for you.

After some more testing I’m certain that it takes longer than before to open folders using SMB. I have lots of files in some folders, but anyway it was faster before. I demonstrated Infuse for some family members recently, and I felt we sat there waiting for en eternity (40 seconds sounds about right). At least they got impressed with the UI after the folder eventually opened.

Yesterday I even got an error message on two occations, “Cannot open folder” or similar. Are there any other reports on that?

Hope the upcoming update will sort this out or at least make it a bit better. Thanx again for your great job, James.


Same thing for me, i have a netgear 516 on a gigabit switch with apple tv 4 and ipad pro ==> opening a folder with 200 episodes has become extremely slow!

This since the update which has introduced the library function.

Opening the folder with series on my ipad or apple tv takes a minute and more.

Once the folder is open starting to play an episode or switching between series no problem.

It is opening and displaying the content which is slow.

Also a small remark, rewinding on ipad or apple tv 4 is unsyncing external subtitles downloaded via infuse. (Fps of the movie and sub are the same)

Thank you

I also have this issue. I switched from SMB to FTP and this made it a little better (I think) but connecting to shares is still very unreliable and slow. VLC will open anything instantly and navigating the FTP folders using Safari on iOS also works so the underlying network is not a problem.
Has anyone had this problem and was able to solve it?

Using Infuse 5.6.

I am also using the latest version and no improvement has been noticed. It is unbelievable that free products connect instantly whereas this one takes about a minute.

I have never seen such a slow SMB connection.

When will it be solved?

The only solution i found that work 100% time is using local ip address of my storage (like 192.168.1.XXX). All works perfect. No problem with 4K streaming on apple tv 4K.

Sorry to say, but loading times are now slower than before and I keep getting random error messages (tvOS).

I also believe the buffering time when starting a movie is longer than before (iOS).

FWIW, we have a new SMB implementation in progress which will be much more robust, and will also add support for SMB3.

We hope to have more news on this later this year.

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Thank you for the update, James!

Great to hear, James!

which version of smb is currently supported?

Infuse currently supports SMB1 and SMB2.

Support for SMB3 will be available in an update coming in early 2018.

I have Seagate Personal Cloud NAS. There is too much stuttering with the Samba protocol while playing Billy (remux). There is no problem with UPnP.

We have started beta testing 5.6.9 with our all-new SMB implementation.

Anyone who is interested in trying this build early please let me know and we’ll get you added to the beta.


I would like to test this out in beta, as i am cuurently having a lot of issues with smb.

Thank you,

I have interest too, thanks.

v5.6.9 solved the problem of long access times to Samba files… Thanks.

Awesome! :smiley:

Strangely, Apple hasn’t released 5.6.9 in Norway yet.