SMB connection fails on macOS Sonoma and tvOS 17 when using NAS hostname

Infuse is no longer able to connect to my Synology NAS. It had been working beautifully since Infuse macOS beta, but Infuse no longer refreshes the movie list from the NAS. I can’t quite say whether this happened after or before I moved to macOS Sonoma.

  • If I go to Infuse/Add file… and select the SMB share, the rotating wheel cranks for about 30 seconds before returning an error message: “Sorry, an error occurred while trying to connect.”

  • If I try to add a new share, using the NAS hostname.local, the same issue occurs.

  • If I use the NAS IP address instead, Infuse connects immediately.

I seem to be having the same issue on my AppleTV, where I connect to the same share on the NAS. On AppleTV, I am quite sure this issue started occurring before I moved to tvOS 17.

  • First symptom: the Infuse logo is displayed for about 30 seconds before the Infuse Home Screen appears (it did not use to do this in the past).

  • Second: the rotating wheels cranks for minutes, indicating that a refresh is in progress, but the movie list is never updated. When I go to Infuse/Settings, a message shows that “indexing failed”.

I’ve opened a ticket, so you could see the logs, n° is 157853.

I wonder if it could be related to the other network changes in Sonoma.

I wondered about this also. But in my understanding, this is for sharing files/folders from macOS to other devices, including the AppleTV. But here I’m sharing the other way round : from the NAS to macOS/Infuse and tvOS/Infuse.

Besides, it that was the cause, then using the IP address wouldn’t work either.

I think the AppleTV has issues with DNS if there aren’t static DNS entries and static IPs on your network. DNS entries created during DHCP lease assignments don’t seem to work well.

The NAS IP address is static.

BTW the issue also occurs on my iPad. So it’s not just macOS, tvOS but also iPadOS.

Trying to get a handle on what this issue is. ATV is tvOS, the NAS runs its own OS. If you are directly pointing Infuse on the ATV to a NAS static address, then I don’t see where Sonoma macOS comes into play?

I am accessing movies on the NAS from 3 different devices : Mac, iPad and AppleTV. All 3 devices exhibit the same behaviour : no access to the NAS from Infuse when using hostname.local.

Other apps, including the Finder on the Mac, have no issue accessing the NAS using hostname.local. So this is not an issue with the DNS or Bonjour.

Ok, so why the desire to use: hostname.local vs a dedicated ip?

I was able to locate your report, and it looks like Infuse is timing out when trying to connect to the xxx.local device.

This usually indicates some sort of network issue, but can have other causes as well.

Is this a share which was auto-detected by Infuse, or was the xxx.local name entered manually?

What type of NAS are you using? Can you double-check to ensure this name is still set correctly on the NAS?

FWIW, I use a hostname (DiskStation.local) to connect to my own Synology NAS (via both SMB and NFS) and this is working.

Entered manually:

  • Mac: on Dec. 2020 (Mac alpha 1). It had been working ever since.
  • AppleTV: Apr. 2026. It had been working ever since.
  • iPad: Some date in between. It had been working ever since.

Synology DS220j running DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 1.

This name is still set correctly on the NAS. Finder and Safari both access the NAS using that name.

Here is the result of Discovery (ex-Bonjour Browser):
Capture d’écran 2023-11-08 à 20.52.56

We’ve uncovered another macOS Sonoma quirk that may be preventing SMB connections from working as expected. Steps for checking and resolving this can be found in this guide.

Note: If you have already added a connection in Infuse using the old name, you will need to remove and re-add the share using the new name.

@james, thanks for the guide. I don’t think this applies to my case, however, since I’m sharing from my Synology NAS.

Are there any potential fixes?

It could be something network-specific. I have a Synology NAS here (RS1221+ w/ DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 3) and connecting via hostname works for both SMB and NFS.

We have seen a few cases in the past where some dual-band routers can have some strange issues. For example, a device may be available while connected to one band (2.4GHz) but not the other (5GHz). I don’t know if this applies to your case, but a quick test would be to create separate networks for each band and then see if one or the other works.

I think ever since Apple dropped AFS, SMB has been broken.

You can still connect to AFS, just can’t host

Apple’s implementation of SMB has always had issues.