SMB can’t connect to Synology QuickConnect and Plex Relay Connection Active' error

Hi, never got to this point before but I’m out of ideas. Hope someone can help.

I’ve been using Infuse for years via Plex but just lately it’s stopped working and says ‘Relay Connection Active’ I’ve even paid for a months Plex pass but still get the same issue.

So the only way I can watch movies off my Synology NAS when I’m away from home is to open a Synology app called ‘DS files’ log into my NAS via ‘quick connect’ address etc and then select the movie. The app then opens infuse and it plays fine.

I’ve tried to set up a SMB share on Infuse (SMB is all set up on my Synology disk station) but every time I try to add it says that it can’t connect. I’m using the Sinology QuickConnect external access feature which is turned on. Permissions for shares are all in place.

Can anyone give me a few ideas ?

Plex Relay is a service run by Plex they have created to ‘help’ people with remote streaming connections. The issue with using this with Infuse is that the relay service has a very low bandwidth cap. Since Infuse will always stream videos in their native quality this causes you to hit the cap right away, which results in the relay connection error you see in Infuse.

I don’t believe there is an official setting to disable Plex Relay, but there are various workarounds posted online people have found to turn this off.

SMB is mainly used for local streaming, and for remote streaming outside of Plex the best option is probably going to be WebDAV.

I was able to find this guide which may be helpful in getting WebDAV up and running on your Synology.

Thanks for that James, I’ll have a look at the WebDAV guide.

Also thinking of moving to Jellyfish or Ember. Is there one of these which infuse is better suited to?



Infuse works well with both Emby and Jellyfin.

The nice thing about both of these is they support plugins, so you can install the InfuseSync plugin on the server. This will allow Infuse to update quicker as it will be able to pick up newly added files almost instantly.

Brill - looks like that\ll be the easiest route to keep using Infuse going forward given my limited knowledge of networking.

Thanks for your help James

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Hi James,

Sorry to bother you with this but after adding Emby to my Synology NAS and setting it up with a user inc Emby connect I still can’t get my Infuse IOS app to connect. The Emby iOS app works fine.

I’m happy to give you my username and password on a restricted account for you to try from your end. I’m also happy to provide my NAS address if that’s any use?

As Emby provides both a iOS and Apple TV app the easy route for me is to stop using Infuse and just go with Emby but I prefer Infuse! Fingers crossed. I did add a new user as per one of the discussion threads but that failed too :frowning:

Many thanks

John Mainwaring

Hold the press - it’s working. Re installed everything, then signed in via Emby connect within the Emby server app rather than the normal sign in. Seems like that did the trick.

Im back using Infuse!!!



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