Smart-TV Support?

Hi, any plans for native apps for modern smart-tv’s like Samsung and LG?

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Not a good idea - and terrible for Firecore and their reputation.

“Smart” tv software ranges from ‘this oem truly doesn’t give a sh1t’ all the way up to 'well, they’re trying but can ‘t be bothered to do it properly and use adequate components’.

The ‘best’ currently is Sony with their Android TV smart system… and how’s that working out?

“The Android operating system in A1 is even powered by the same MediaTek processor as Z9D and X93E, which is to say that it isn’t the speediest around. It is easy to bring the system to its knees if you become too eager when navigating - especially if you have USB devices plugged-in, storing multiple media files.” - and note this on their FLAGSHIP OLED tv!

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I’m happy with Firecore’s hyper-focus on their core products. It’s always great to look into the future, and I’m sure they’ll take the steps if or when they decide to spread themselves out, but from my experience, companies that stick to doing a couple things really well, always end up leading in that area. This is true for software, and it’s true for food. My favourite places to eat are the ones that have one thing on the menu, because they’re damn good at making that one thing.

Also, like the other commenter wrote, smart TV platforms are wildly bad. I’ll add that they’re also as fragmented as their pure Android mobile counterparts. It’s a terrible “ecosystem” to get into, with little money in it.

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