Smart Playlist as Kodi


I have been always a huge fun of Infuse, but since I have received a TV Box, I am now also “discovering” Kodi world. I have to say that Infuse is great for working with google drive, something it can be tricky to do so in a TV box (coreelec or rooting, rclone, etc…).

Having a huge preference on Infuse over Kodi, there are sure quite things we might learn from Kodi, and in this case, I am writing about Smart Playlist.

Basically, you can build a list with all avaible data you have of your movies… lets say year, genre, folder, actors, studio, rating, etc, etc… basically you will be able to “mix” all kind of things to refine your movie list and have for example: “Animated movies from 1970 to 1990 from Disney contained in Local Folder MicroHD”

That is something it can be done with Kodi in a few clicks, and would be impossible at this momento in Infuse. I really think it will be a great feature.


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