Smart Installer Trouble

I’ve just installed a new version of ATVFlash 4.1.3, after restoring to Factory Defaults my Apple TV and updating native firmware to 3.0.2.

Now when I try to run Smart Installer from the Maintenance/Settings it tells me that “Download is currently unavailable. Please try again later.” I really need to install Smart Installer NOW, please do something guys!

Currently it seems there are some issues with the Apple servers which are causing this error. They should be resolved soon so you can try the Smart Installer again.

I’ve managed to install it this morning, but I have another problem now, when I’m mounting my external drive on airport extreme, it shows me contents of the Volume, I’m choosing the folder with Movies and it starts to play DVD without prompting, thus I cannot read entire contents of the folder. How could I see the list of files instead of this annoying DVD start? please help!!!

How are your DVD files organized in the folder? Each movie’s VIDEO_TS folder should be placed into a separate folder within the main folder.

More info here:

It was VIDEO_TS folder, I’ve renamed it and all started to work. It’s not so convenient, but it’s ok for now.