Smart Installer not working

Smart Installer not working on nitoTV 0.7.1, atv 3.5.1, appletv 2.3.1

I’m told installation of 10.4.9 may take a while, but then after 30 seconds there is an Error Occured message.


I’m getting the same error

Can you guys expand on the error message?

Unfortunately, no.
All the screen says is

An error occurred

No further info given. (Message in yellow font, if that helps)

Hey, Smart Installer is working now.

I reset the AppleTV, reformatted my usb drive (not-journaled), reinstalled the atvflash, reinstalled on AppleTV, and everything is working fine now.

(I suspect I may have interrupted the smart install earlier by inadvertently unplugging the AppleTV during my initial set up, thus leaving a corrupted file–hence the error message.)