Smart install failed


Just bought atvFlash 3.4.2 for an atv running v2.3
Following the manual i placed the 10.4.9…dmg in the Documents dir
Mounted the thing and ran Smart Installer.

Install Partial or failed

ERROR: pax failed with status: 1; installation aborted

It goes without saying that i’m a tad less than pleased. Mostly about the fact that i still have no USB drive access (main reasong for paying for this ‘app’)

What is going on and how can i get this to work properly.

Fermin DCG

So you transferred the DMG to the Documents folder that is inside the frontrow folder on the AppleTV? You do not need to mount the disk image, once it is copied over to the AppleTV you can run the Smart Installer. The Smart Installer will open up the DMG itself and do all the commands. All you need to do is copy it over and select the Smart Installer and let the magic happen. I use Fugu to transfer the file over, it is the easiest way IMHO. If that is still not working then let us know.


I am also trying to do smart installer.

Question for Madcran.

The Wickie says to copy the 10.4.9 . . .dmg file to the AppleTV then run some commands in Terminal.

What do these commands actually do ?


The terminal commands are only if you want to use AFP sharing from a Mac to the AppleTV. Apple File Protocol only came on the original AppleTV 1.0 system and that is why you have to add in AFP for AppleTV 2.x. If all you want to do is have USB support and use SMB sharing from a Mac or PC then you don’t have to worry about the Terminal commands.

Yes, i copied the dmg, the one defined in the readme.1st, to the documents folder (using muCommander) on the ATV. Like the good old Norton Utilities.
If something had gone wrong in that process i don’t think the smart install would even have been able to start up, would it? I have tried as well with cyberduck & renaming the file to the correct name. To no avail!
Below is the log output:
2008-12-14 00:18:19.584 nitoHelper[274] Root filesystem already writable

2008-12-14 00:18:20.076 nitoHelper[274] mach_kernel.prelink already patched or unrecognized

2008-12-14 00:18:20.085 nitoHelper[274] kextloader already installed!

2008-12-14 00:18:20.822 nitoHelper[274] bins installed successfully!

2008-12-14 00:18:21.170 nitoHelper[274] ERROR: pax failed with status: 1, installation aborted.

Any further sugestions?



The file you moved over was named something like 2Z694-5573-24.dmg or something like MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.10Intel.dmg? I just want to be sure we are talking about the same files. You mentioned the Readme.1st file and any of the Readme files only pertain to making the patch stick. The 2Z files are AppleTV restore/update images and the MacOSXUpd files are Mac OS X Upgrade files. The file needed to be transferred to the AppleTV is the Mac OS X Upgrade file. I know the wiki tells everyone to use the 10.4.9 Combo updater, but I also read that the 10.4.10 Combo Updater works too. You can get the file here: