Smart Groups Problem

Hi; I am having an issue with 3 different movies all being smart grouped together in the library

They are all Star Wars Supercuts and so don’t appear in any online database, I have created nfo files in tinymedia manager for them,

The folder & file names are:

Star Wars Rebels The Spark of Rebellion (2014)
Star Wars The Clone Wars The Siege of Mandalore (2020)
Star Wars Twilight of the Apprentice - Supercut (2020)

Despite selecting the relevant inf file for each movie under edit metadata, Infuse groups them all together, under “Star Wars Rebels The Spark of Rebellion (2014)” but with all the other meta data being correct, ie diffeernt plot / year / fan art etc

Any ideas ?

Problem is the same in Mac Version of Infuse and Apple TV

Infuse Version: 7.7.4846 (Mac)

Mac OS 14.5 (23F79)