Smart Groups not working

Hello all, I have several movies that I have multiple versions of and I am confused about the smart group’s process including file naming custom tags, and auto naming. The auto feature doesn’t work on any of my duplicate movies and I tried custom tags but maybe typing them incorrectly.

  1. First type of movie 4k HDR full-quality rip and same movie lower quality 4k HDR rip. Blue Hawaii (1961){edition-Full}.mkv and Blue Hawaii (1961){edition-Reduced}.mkv. I add the custom tag and the files both show in the Infuse library as they did before smart grouping.

  2. SDR and HDR versions of the same movie. Blush (2021).mkv HDR and Blush (2021)-2.mkv SDR (I can’t have file names in my shares that are exactly the same even if the file sizes are different)

  3. HDR-X version of the 4k HDR movie. The same issue as 2. so tried the custom tag and the same issue as 1.

So either my custom tags are typed wrong in some cases and in others smart grouping cant work with different file names even if the metadata is the same.


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