Smart Groups inconsistencies

I am new at Infuse and had spent last 2 days trying to configure my setup as me and Infuse would like. Everything is clear and relatively easy, but I “hit a wall” with the smart groups function.

Firstly, I liked and used the “list” mode, and in that way the smart groups don’t work, you get independent items for each edition/format. I realized now that it only works in “grid” or “not list” mode. I have no problems with that, I switch to get that functionality, but I lost a lot of time trying to figure the reason for the behavior in list mode. I think it would be necessary to explain that on the web docs. Not a big deal, but that would avoid a lot of headaches to new users like me.

Secondly, the “grouping” only works when the setting “Metadata Fetching” is enabled. Its neither a big deal, but it should be also indicated or advised. I use tiny Media Manager to rename/move, get metadata and write nfo & artwork files. Infuse gets everything from my local files (obviously when properly named) and absolutely none is got from TMDB. I had the setting to “No” because I supossed that it would get an useless net exchange: waste time. Now I realized that if not set to “yes” the smart grouping don’t work. I don’t know the reason for that setting to be “enabled”, but if its the expected behavior, maybe it should be advised too.

After all that trial and error, the feature works flawless, in grid mode: I can set independent fanart , logo and even nfo, and Infuse show me the correspondent ones depending of the focus. Amazing, easy and cool.

Another problem I found is when the container folder has an “extras” subfolder. If this exists Infuse makes a mess and it “index” that extra files undesirably. The only solution by now is to isolate the “extras” folder in another place. This seems more a bug that an expected behavior, so I guess it will be solved whenever.

As I said almost everything had solution, but I think that this info would be useful in “official docs” and surely it would help new ones as me.

Greetings and sorry for my poor english!

NOTE: Using only an Apple TV 4K