Smart Groups confusion

I’ve just updated to 7.5, but I’m a little confused by how a multi-part title is treated and displayed with the Smart Groups feature.

From the screenshot, you can see that the concert film has been picked up by Smart Groups, but the part selection buttons both say 480p. Is there a way to have them display as Part 1 & Part 2 instead?

I tried adding {edition-Part x} custom tags on to the end of the file names, but that doesn’t seem to do anything, they remain as 480p. That begs the question, what is the point of the custom tags if they don’t display on the selection buttons?

Help much appreciated!

Can you list the filenames you are using?

Do the filenames appear correctly if you scroll to the bottom of the details page?

For part tags, you can use any of the various supported part tags in the filename and Infuse will pick them up.

cdX, discX, diskX, dvdX, partX, ptX

More info can be found in this guide.

The file names are currently:

Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall {edition-Part 1}

Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall {edition-Part 2}

At the bottom of the details page, it still shows the old file names!:

Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (Part 1)

Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (Part 2)

I’ve tried the Scan for Changes function, which did nothing. I also moved the files out of my shared folders to remove them from the library, then put them back, but that didn’t help either. It still shows the old file names.

I should say that all my files are on my OneDrive - could that cause any issues?

I’m a bit confused how Smart Groups in general is picking up tags in files names. For example, I have two files, Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (Concert) and Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (The Film), and they are grouped despite not having tags as outlined on the Metadata 101 page.

Are you browsing in the share or in the Library?

Are you using local nfo override? The title shows “(part 1)” which isn’t coming from TMDB and doesn’t seem to match the current filename you’ve given, either.

Edit: though it does match the old filename, which you say is still being displayed at the bottom. So maybe this is just an old listing Infuse hasn’t updated yet. Have you run a “scan for changes”?

The library (I think), as opposed to browsing in the files section you mean?

The files section DOES show the new file names.

Does the library section show the folder name instead perhaps? It seems to match those, which I haven’t changed.

e.g. Part 1’s folder is called ‘Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (Part 1)’.

I’m using xml metadata files to override the title name. Otherwise it would drag identical title names from TMDB for both parts.

I have run Scan for Changes, as mentioned above.

OK, mystery solved with the filenames. The library shows the folder name at the bottom, whilst the files section shows the file name.

I remain confused about the custom tags for file names, though, and what their purpose is. Where should the tag show in Infuse? As it stands, all my multi-part concert films picked up by Smart Groups show identical part selection buttons, eg. 480p, 576p, 1080p. Is the purpose of custom tags to change those buttons to anything you choose, or am I misunderstanding?

I’m also unsure of the expected behaviour of Smart Groups, as I’ve noticed some inconsistency in how and when it picks up groups automatically, e.g.

Music > Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (The Film) > Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (The Film).mkv
Music > Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (Concert) > Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (Concert).mkv

The above is picked up by Smart Groups, although I’m not sure what tags in the filename allow this.


Music > Metallica - Live **** - Binge & Purge (San Diego) > Metallica - Live **** - Binge & Purge (San Diego).mkv
Music > Metallica - Live **** - Binge & Purge (Seattle) > Metallica - Live **** - Binge & Purge (Seattle).mkv

…this one isn’t picked up (note that the asterisks are not in the actual filenames - just avoiding any swear filters you might have here!). I’ve tried replacing San Diego and Seattle with Part x, partx and {edition-Part x} tags on the end of the filenames, but it still doesn’t get picked up.

Correct. Custom tags will allow you to add extra info next to the resolution. EG 480p Director’s Cut

These are listed as separate entries on TMDB, so should not be included in a Smart Group. You may check to ensure each is matched to the correct entry on TMDB.

Same thing here. TMDB has these listed as separate items, so they will not be included in a Smart Group.

What you can do with items that a similar, but not the same would be to place them into a Collection. That way you can see a single Collection while browsing in the Library instead of individual tittles.

OK thanks, but I just can’t get it to work. Nothing changes after I’ve edited and scanned for changes etc.

I’ve tried both
Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (Part x) {edition-Part x}.mkv
Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall {edition-Part x}.mkv

Have tried with a couple of other multi-part concerts too, but no luck.

Am I doing something wrong somewhere?

I was aware that they’re separate entries, yes, and did wonder whether TMDB entries were influencing Smart Groups. I’ve played around with the separate entries on TMDB with this one, as it is behaving a bit strangely, e.g. if I edit the metadata for (The Film) file, it doesn’t show the TMDB entry, but does appear to be linked to it.

I’ve fixed this one now and put them into a Smart Group by linking both parts to the San Diego TMDB entry. I already had separate xml metadata files for multi-part concert films, so there are no issues with the displayed titles, descriptions etc.

Thank you for your help so far. The only issue I have now is the custom tags being ignored.

Are you using individual folders for each video by chance? In cases like this, Infuse may look at the folder name instead of the file name.

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Yes, individual folders for each video. I did try adding tags to folder names last night and it didn’t work, but just tried again on a couple of titles. First one worked straightway and the second one only worked when I closed and re-opened the app.

The buttons now say Part 1, Part 2 without the resolution, which suits me perfectly.

All sorted. Thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great to hear!

Just FYI regarding resolution info in tags. The resolution will only be visible if the videos are in fact different resolutions.

For example, you might see:

1080p Part 1 and 480p Part 2

But, if the resolutions of all versions are the same, then the resolution info would be hidden.

So you would see:

Part 1 and Part 2

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Are there other cases where Infuse ignores users’ filenames and in their place processes parent-folder names? It’d be helpful to know what Infuse is actually parsing when trying to tailor one’s collection to be properly scraped and displayed properly sorted.

I cant get smart groups to work.I have tried with both “{}” and “” brackets but cant get it to work

Can you provide the file names of the movies you’re trying to tag?

You need to use {edition-TagName}. The edition part is needed

I feel so dumb. I didn’t get any resuly using this new Smart Groups feature. Zero. Nada.

First issue.
I have only one movie in two parts, stored in a NFS share. My Player is a 2022 Apple TV 4K.

This is what I get:

This is the file names:

When I play, it seems only Part 2 works. If I select “1080p Parte 1” or “1080p Parte2” and press Play key on my remote, is something suppose to happen?

Second issue: I have renamed some files (i.e. Top Gun Mavericks.2160p.DV.mkv or Jurassic World Dominion.2160p.HDR., but neither Smart Groups in Library nor DV/HDR/2160p tags appears…

It looks like Infuse may still be indexing, so once it completes this list should appear correctly.

Highlighting the ‘Parte’ item would load the detail for that page. You can then do use the Play button and other features for that particular video.

Tags will only be visible if you have multiple copies of the same title present. IE If you have one copy of Top Gun, then there would be no tags visible.

Followed the tags but still not showing as groups