Smart filter folder images

Since updating to the latest version of Infuse on tvOS I am having an issue setting images for some of my favourites. Folder based favourites work fine as the image is located in the folder and ‘collections’, ‘movies’, & ‘tv show’ smart filters display an image. The issue comes with smart filter favourites based on genre (sci fi, action etc) - they no longer display artwork on the home screen.

I click on the icon for the favourite genre, click ‘select artwork’, navigate to the folder with artwork and then select the correct image. It however never shows the artwork on the home screen - just the grey folder icon. As a note, when I try selecting the artwork again, I click the icon and then ‘select artwork’ and the ‘shares search’ screen it takes you to shows that the correct artwork has already been selected.

Any ideas?

Sorry for the trouble. We’re looking into a few cases of this, and are working on fix.