Smart collection issues

Hi there! While this isn’t a huge problem, I just wanted to pass along some weirdness when it comes to plex smart collections—I’m not sure if they’re bugs, or just how Infuses chooses to work, but I figured I’d say something just in case!

  • Is there a way to disable Smart Collections from appearing in the Movies tab if they’re marked as hidden in Plex?
  • Unless I’m mistaken, Infuse doesn’t respect Plex’s Sort Title feature very well—for instance, my “What’s Trending” collection has a sort title entry of “~_What’s Trending” so it shows up at the very bottom of the collections tab. But in Infuse, this collection (along with similar ones) show up at the top.
  • In Plex, adding something to a smart collection doesn’t hide it from the library, but in Infuse it does—is there a way to disable this behavior?