Small issue with metadata languages & sort order + small UI things


First of all, thank you for a really great product.

Second thing, there is kind of a tiny issue involving metadata language & sort order.
My metadata is in french and the sort order is alphabetical… but some tv shows are kind of incorrectly sorted. For example, in France, the tv show “the west wing” is called “A la maison blanche”… the french metadata does retrieve and display the french tv show title… that’s fine, even though it would also be fine to me if the US title was displayed.
What’s kind of an issues is that the show is still sorted with the tv shows starting with the letter “T”… so “A la maison blanche”, which is supposed to be among the first in alphabetical order is actually pretty much at the end of the list.

Is there a way to fix this ? I mean, base the sort order on the displayed title instead of the original title ?
I could use english metadata but the reason why i don’t really want to do this is because of french movies which i don’t know the US title (or might don’t even have a US title).

Finally, a small UI thing… i like the UI, but i think it could be improved a bit regarding the background which is, most of the time, kind of empty. I have a folder for tv shows & a folder for movies… when i browse through tv shows for example, it would be nice (i think) to have the background changed to reflect the tv show currently selected.
Inside a tv show, the view where you see all the different seasons, it would also be nice to have a background artwork (or a nice color) displayed so it looks less “white-ish” & empty.
And the ability to remove blurriness for artworks (especially in the view where you see the different seasons) would be a nice thing too :wink:

Thank you again for the app and, in advance, for any feedback.


Thanks for your feedback.

Right now Infuse ignores ‘A’ and ‘The’ when sorting videos. The ‘A’ item is a bug, and will be resolved in an upcoming version, though we are planning to continue ignoring ‘The’ for sorting so ‘The Firm’ would be listed under F instead of T.