Small BUG - TV Shows whose name finishes with a full stop "." won't match metadata after download (via plex).

I have found a Small bug in 5.8 when downloading TV show episodes that have a name that finishes with a full stop, for example, “Mayans M.C.”

When Infuse downloads the episodes, it uses its own naming format and the first episodes ends up named locally on device as

Mayans M.C..se1.ep1.mkv

That trailing dot in the show name causes the episodes to not be matched with metadata, so every episode sits distinctly with no graphic and no metadata when you open it.

It can be worked around by after downloading the first episode … Edit Metadata and then search for the show title and select it, after that it shows poster and correctly represents it in a Season 1 grouping and has metadata. Subsequently downloaded episodes of the same show are then matched with metadata ok.

This is a known issue since at least I’ve had Infuse, so almost 3 years. Hopefully one day this will be fixed and multiple user support will be added, but I think I’ll be waiting 3 more years.

If you use Plex it doesn’t have this issue since it pulls from the Plex server and doesn’t scrape itself.

Indeed, and of course the metadata is present on Plex (I’m downloading from my Plex server), but when you download to your device for playback offline it loses it after transferring to the device because the title name happens to finish in a period.

I imagine it’s not high on the “things to fix”, given the scope of impact and the fact there is a workaround. Still thought I should report it.