Small adjustments to the iOS app


Really looking forward to the upcoming iOS update with “on deck” functionality as the one on ATV4.

However small wishes - hope some agree:

  1. PIP is wonderful on my larger iPAD Pro screen; but please do it by industry standard - as in hitting the home button plays in PIP. Now I have to click first on reduce window and then home to get the pip.

  2. Be able to sort pr main folder / location. Some network folders I like to sort on date, some on filename. (At least this does not work for me other than universally)

  3. Be able to delete if network allows it (like HTTPS WebDAV which is the current setup I use)

  4. Be able to hide watched clips

  5. Please clarify better “when syncing”. Now on ATV and iOS I just have to “wait for it” as in "figure out when it is done. A little non intrusive cogwheel or something would be nice.

5b. Let us please sync either to our own server (where files reside) or choose other compatible vendors like dropbox, gdrive, etc.

  1. Pinch Zoom video size. For some odd reason (perhaps technical) non of the online movie systems like Netflix, Plex etc has the opportunity to pinch zoom the video aspect. Either they go fullscreen or original.

  2. I constantly use the finger up down for brightness / volume (love it) but also constantly rewind when I dont want to. I think you should add two fingers to one of these instances to avoid this. Either rewind by two fingers left right or the two fingers to adjust brightness / contrast.

  3. Be able to swipe folders and select same as pr file (delete / download)

Ps. Sync still needs some polishing up. Have happened more than once that my iPad and ATV are out of sync.

If this is fixed and with the new features I really cannot wait! Been a Plex user since forever so this is a big step for me. For now Infuse and Plex live side by side serving their own unique strengths. Plex for transcoding needs while on the road + Infuse for being serverless (can use any old NAS or network drive).

Thanks guys! Keep up the amazing work.

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All of your Points would be a big help, but 5b is IMHO the most important. Ist a big pain to optimize the database for more AppleIDs, connecting to the same NAS. An alternative would be to store the XML-File in the corresponding movie- or tv-show-Folder on the NAS.

Thanks a lot

  1. Be able to delete if network allows it (like HTTPS WebDAV which is the current setup I use)

Is this any different to the existing capability for deleting files from the server (which can be enabled via the File Management option inFuse settings)? If so what is the difference?

Well at least at my side with SSL based WebDAV set for a webdav user with full read / write / delete access the “trashcan symbol” are disabled (as in gray).

Hope this helps; and thank you for enlightening me if I do anything wrong on my side as in if this was supposed to / does work with another setup. Tested the same connection on my Mac with the same user and can delete files as expected. The reason for SSL based WebDAV is obvious on an iPad to be able to enjoy Infuse without any VPN etc (for Samba shares).


I also think that Infuse desperately needs an improved centralized cache. If I update the complete library on my iPad it is such a waste to run queries 4 times (2 ATVs and 2 iPads). I thought this was done on iCloud (and perhaps it is so and thereby my experience is just a bug) but every time I add a network drive (have tested sftp, smb, and ssl based webdav) the library updates from scratch even though the destination and the files are the same. This should be handled by a simple file verification (SFV) or something (CRC hash) so if a file has been added on any device, regardless of if you delete the network connection and re-add it again it will use “the info it has” in a quick pairing towards the old “cache” / CRC hash.

I have also tested sftp on iOS and ATV4 vs SSL based WebDAV and for anyone complaining about speed issues on indexing please swap sftp / ftp for WebDAV or SMB (if you don´t need WAN access / use VPN etc). sFTP was completely useless on my ATV btw after adding it through iOS letting it sync with iCloud (settings for the server). However there must be a bug with WebDAV as stated earlier since the “trashcan symbol” pr file is disabled (as in I cannot delete files through webdav).