Sluggish response after using Sapphire

Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience and if there is a fix available. I am using ATV Flash 3.5 with Apple TV firmware 2.3 with only Nito TV and Sapphire as extras added. I find that each time i use Sapphire for anything more than 15 minutes and exit out of it back to the main menu of Apple TV the performance of Apple TV is extremely slow, scrolling the menus is like watching paint dry. It is slow to the extent where I have to reboot the finder/ Apple TV, has anyone else experienced this problem and if so is there a resolution for it?

I have the SAME exact problem. I was going to come here to ask the same question. Other things that might be useful: I am using a USB hard drive. I really only use saphire for tv shows and the aTV itself for playing music from my itunes library. Once I use sapphire for a bit though, I find it ridiculously slow after I exit to the main menu. I end up rebooting. Would love to find a way around this!

This is a known issue. It appears usually after importing data for a large number of movies. The Apple TV only has 256mb of RAM, and these type of actions tend to tie up the available ram rather quickly.

We’re hoping to improve this in a future version.

So if I reboot my appleTV after doing imports, should I be fine? I only import about once a week, and leave my aTV on almost all the time.

Yes, that should solve most issues for you.