Slow Video Load on Infuse 5?

After a few days using the new Infuse 5 Pro I want to clarify if this is me or is there any problem/bug with the new app.
I have all my movies/shows on a Synology NAS and added to Infuse by SMB.
In Infuse4 when I select a film it loads in less than a second, instantly.
Now, with Infuse5… it takes 5-10 seconds to load a movie. When I click on play it shows a black windows with a charging icon for a while.
I know that it’s a “first world” problem, but I want to know why before works really fast and now it takes a while to load. Is it me? or someone else is getting this problem?

slow load her to …synology ds416 play and Apple TV 4.use only wire

I think I feel the same with a MyCloud and an SMB connection.
ALso when I fastforward something, it takes longer for the video to get back to play.

same here

Interesting. It has always taken my system at least 5 to 10 seconds to load a movie on my Apple TV4. Longer on my iPhone. Didn’t know that was a problem. :slight_smile:
Using a QNAP 453-Pro NAS.

And also the same thing when I change something in Audio or subtitles, when I get back to the video, it’s spinning for a long time before resuming the reading.

Are you using a wired or wireless connection? The Apple TV will perform much faster over Wi-Fi in almost all cases.

Hello James,
Connection over wifi for me.
The thing is that the hardware connection hasn’t changed. Works fine with infuse 4, slow with 5.

well, in my case Apple TV is talking (using an Apple Express router) wirelessly to my QNAP NAS via SMB. FWIW, it takes somewhere from 5 to 10 rotations of the progress bar(?) for the information to load.

Faster then wire ?

Same here, I have both 4 and 5 running on my apple tv and the difference is noticeable, also slower to open favourites in v5.

Same here.
I’ve to wait 5-10 secs infuse 5 to reproduce videos.
But it take 10 secs even to just open the folder which contains my movies (with infuse 4 this operation is quite instantaneous)

I’ve both infuse 4 and 5 on my Apple TV 4th gen and the connection between ATV and NAS (buffalo 4 bays raid 5) is not changed and it is wired with cat.6 Ethernet cable.

I noticed the same, but not all videos are slow on v5, 720p videos are still as fast as v4. I think those 1080p high bit rate videos are loading slowly in v5, eg spinning loading animation 1-2 rounds (v4) vs 10+ rounds (v5)

same wire same NAS same ATV4 same OS

I’m using Infuse 5 Pro with the latest official release of tvOS with a wired 100Mb/100Mb fiber connection. I have synced a few Dropbox folders and I’m trying to stream from them.

One of the folders has 140 animated movies in it. The first time I navigate to this folder after starting Infuse, it takes ~2 minutes of spinning activity indicator to show the movies with art. This is on a folder that is already discovered! I don’t understand what is taking so long? What sort of caching mechanism is in use here? Could it be Dropbox that is so slow in returning a directory list? Couldn’t Infuse just show me what it had last time and then do a new refresh in the background to try to find out if there are any additions or removals. Or add a pull-to-refresh? The infuriating lack of feedback drives me crazy.
Surely after a list of directories has been discovered, the metadata is downloaded etc. then Infuse should show me this information within 1-2 seconds the next time I navigate there? What is it doing for almost 2 minutes? Aarrggghhh!
Even if I back out to favorites again and then choose the same folder again it takes ~40-60 seconds to load the movie list.
The next step is to start playing a movie. It normally starts within 5-7 seconds (which is a bit slow) but then it may only play a few seconds before the spinner comes up and spins for another ~2 minutes. Then most of the time after that it plays the entire movie without a hiccup, but only if you don’t try to fast-foward or rewind.

This is a terrible experience and I am supposed to start paying for my subscription in about 2 weeks when the trial runs out. I would love it if it worked as advertised, but I’m sorry, I’ll have to cancel if this is the best I will get with Dropbox. This makes me sad :frowning:

Hopefully this might help someone else…

I was having really slow video starting, really slow favourite opening and it was really slow to load the video preview screen for movies/tv (the bit that shows synopsis, cast etc).

I was playing around with a few settings today and turning off File Management has fixed all those issues for me. Its back to the performance I had in v4, 5-10 seconds to open or play anything to almost instant.

Whats weird is that the speed is the same in v4 with File Management on or off.

Hopefully this might help FC track down the issue.

So wait a minute…

To make things clear, Infuse is faster when the AppleTV is connected through Wifi rather than Wired?

Technically, yes. Apple TV 4 comes with only 100 Mbps Ethernet, while Wireless 5Ghz-N / AC can easily achieve 300+Mbps speed.

But wire could be more stable than wireless… if you don’t play 4K videos, I think 100Mbps could be good enough for normal 1080p

Unless you have a pure (not re-encoded) 4K Bluray MKV in your collection then a 100Mbps connection should be fine. The maximum bitrate for this kind of media is around 128Mbps. Even Netflix requires around 25Mbps for their 4K content. It’s a shame that Apple decided to build their box in 2016 with an ancient Ethernet connection but still it should not be a dealbreaker. Wired should be preferred over Wifi 99% of the time because of connection stability. If the connection is too slow there there must be something wrong with either the network equipment/ports or even the cable.

I have had a similar issue with version 5.0 and I solved it by deleting username and password in Infuse settings for connection to NAS (SMB).

Confirm. V5 loading video is much slower than V4. I use a cable to connect only.