Slow upload through SSH


Apple TV OS : 2.3.1
aTVFlash : 3.5.1

I am having with the speed of uploading content to my Apple TV. I have used Transmit to SFTP into my ATV for months and never had any problems until the last 2 months where the speed in which it transfers hangs around 1300k/sec. I am using a Airport Extreme Base Station. Running on 2.4Ghz G/N. Used to get over 4000k/sec no problems.

It is just the ATV that has slow transfer speeds. Laptops on the network all transfer at excellent speeds over wireless. Also - I am transfering from a Mac that is wired to the AEBS - so the only wireless activity is the transfer to the ATV.


Connecting via FTP will allow for much faster transfers than SFTP/SSH.

Setup guide here:

Damn I feel stupid.

It did start happening when I replaced my Macbook Pro with a Mac Pro. When I reinstalled everything I must have set Transmit to use SFTP and my Macbook Pro must have been using FTP.

Switched it FTP and works like a charm now :slight_smile:



I’m having trouble doing an FTP to my ATV. I’ve been trying to do it via ethernet cable directly from my Macbook. SFTP works slowly, but FTP won’t work at all, failing to connect. I’ve been following the setup instructions to the letter. I’ve been using cyberduck for the FTP.

Please help.