Slow to pick sound back up when moving forward/backward

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question. I’m having a problem with a delay in the sound picking back after jumping forward to backwards. It is only when I’m using my new AirPods. Checked without and seem ok through the speakers on my iPad.

I just wondered if anyone else was experiencing this. I Suspect it may be an AirPods issue.


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Hi guys

Reported this a little while back, but I did a bit more digging around it is definitely and Infuse/AirPods issue. When resuming playback or when skipping backwards or forwards the AirPods are very slow to pick the sound back up and sometimes don’t at all.

It doesn’t occur except when I use my AirPods on my pad, and I have tried it with different media players and also doesn’t occur. So it is definitely an Infuse thing.

I previously posted this as an observation here


It’s better to post again in the previous topic instead of making multiple new threads for the same issue. That way it makes it easier for people that may be experiencing the same problem to find your thread and add to it. :wink:

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Actually, it’s infuse issue which I face when playing audio over airplay, bluetooth or HDMI. if playing on macbook speaker itself it plays instantly.

It takes some time to set audio at correct timing in infuse. meanwhile other players or youtube pause the media to match audio and play along with it.

I don’t have timing issues.
Just no audio at all.
I have to jump further back and wait for it to come back on. Or completely shutdown infuse.