Slow to load share from NAS for VIDEO_TS rips

I currectly have NAS with 350 DVD’s in one folder copied in VIDEO_TS. When I try to load it from ATV it takes over 4-5 minutes to load. It always has regardless of version.


My mkv and avi folder share is very fast on same device and has about 60 movies in it.


Is this fomrat a problem for ATV share?

Mine is slow to but I dont think its your format I think its just trying to load 350 movies out of one share.  I have 250 movies on one share folder and it takes a while for that folder to load.  I have another folder with tv shows that are all VIDEO_TS of 8 different episodes and it loads faster.  I know James was saying that they are working on a new Library View that will fix a lot of everyones problems. 


we dont have problem with freazing picture when streaming vide_ts? my database is 350 films video_ts and all freazing, not much but for eyes is not correct. only video_ts, other formats is correct without freazing. Atv2 is connect with NAS through Router and LAN, no wifi.

Jackson is right. The fewer movies you have on NAS, the faster you can load them.