Slow, stuttering video playback

It looks like the first few minutes on the playback sees a drop in network speed. Happens on nfs and smb.

Disabling the additional apps in Background App Refresh had no effect.
Trying Legacy Streaming Cache now.

A couple of things to consider with regards to network speeds causing the issue:

  1. Plex works just fine, with the same files, on the same network.
  2. Infuse shows it’s buffered quite aways ahead - the video is already cached.
  3. This stuttering problem is new - the network is not.

I think it’s safe to say that this is an Infuse bug and not an issue with any of our setups.

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Legacy Streaming Cache did not resolve the problem, unfortunately.
It did, however, bring back an old bug - on occasion, when starting a video it would only be a black screen and spinning wheel. Force-closing the app and relaunching resolved it. I hadn’t seen that bug in quite awhile.

Log code is T8TNT

Around 35 minutes

File info:
Audio Additional Features


Audio Bitrate


Audio Channels


Audio Codec


Audio Languages

English / English / Italian / Spanish / Spanish / Portuguese / Czech / Hungarian / Polish / Russian / Thai / English

Audio Stream Count


Video Bit Depth


Video Bitrate


Video Codec


Video Fps




Run Time


Scan Type



English / French / Italian / Spanish / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese / Croatian / Czech / Greek / Hungarian / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Thai / Turkish / Italian

We’ve been looking into this and it doesn’t seem to be very widespread, but may be related to a recent tvOS update in combination with certain AV setups.

We have a potential fix in progress, and we’d like to get some feedback on this.

Anyone who is interested in giving this a try please drop me a PM and I can add you to TestFlight.

Beta with a potential fix was sent out today. :crossed_fingers:

I’m a new user so I seem to be unable to PM you but I believe I’m having the same issue described by others in this thread and would love to try that beta.

TestFlight invite sent. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll report back after watching some stuff.

Today’s 7.0.7 update has a few improvements aimed at resolving one issue we’ve uncovered.

We’re still looking into at least one other case, but it’s worth updating to see how things work for you.

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Still had problems last night after the update.

Is the issue player or network related?

I’m still having the issue too. The slowdowns seem slightly sped up, but are still happening.

yeah, but it’s happening less often and less severe.

It happens immediately after moving to a new position in playback too.

I’m currently having this issue.

1080p playback via Plex share.
Latest Apple TV.
Latest tvOS.

Pausing resolves it but I’ve noticed it 3 times within a single 60min episode. Rewinding a few seconds resolves for longer period. Uninstalled app, relinked to Plex but issue persists.

I’d be happy to test via TestFlight if required.

Invite sent.

Same issue here on latest beta 2021 ATV4K. I see it on all formats now from standard mkv to big 80GB UHD files. My ftp speed test is around 940 Mbps. The video becomes ‘choppy’ and I usually have to back out and reload it. Highly annoying!

FYI, I found that for me a quick pause/resume cleared the issue (temporarily) - try it, it’s easier/faster than backing out and reloading.

Also, this seems to be resolved in the latest 7.1 beta - PM @james for an invite.

I am also still experiencing the stuttering however it is notably less frequent on the beta build.